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Outside Fireplaces

The trend of building outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is catching on at a fast pace and an outside fireplace makes a wonderful addition to your patio, garden or deck. There’s nothing more cozy and romantic than relaxing beside a real natural fire. Especially as the nights get longer or you want to extend your outdoor fun a bit longer.

It's always nice to gather around an outdoor fire and roast marshmallows or just enjoy the evening with friends. You don't need to wait until you go camping to have a fire, there are lots of different ways to enjoy a fireplace in your backyard.

Outdoor fireplaces come in many designs and themes and we will assure you get exactly what you want. Outdoor fireplaces are to be built according to local codes, which usually specify the firebricks to be used. Two important factors are safe design and ventilation and we assure your outside fireplace will be built according to state codes and regulations.