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Greg Cantrell for Cornerstone Family Homes

Decks Under Cover

Decks Under Cover is a cost-efficient way of creating new living space for your home. Decks Under Cover is a weather-tight ceiling attached underneath your raised deck to capture rainwater coming from above and divert it away from the area below, helping to create clean, dry space below your deck.

Most homeowners utilize Undercover Systems to fully utilize their outdoor home space year round. Our system keeps all water and debris from falling through your deck onto your outdoor décor, hot tubs, etc. The high quality finish provides a dry and very comfortable area for dining, entertaining, play arseas for kids and grandkids, and overall outdoor enjoyment of your home rain or shine.

A typical deck size and system installation increases your livable home space. This is also beneficial for the value of your home should you ever sell your home. Our system dramatically improves the exterior views of your home. Some homeowners elect to completely close-in the space underneath their deck once the waterproof finished ceiling is installed.

Imagine what a beautiful backyard retreat you could create – one that defies the elements, no matter the season, and needs virtually no maintenance. Imagine a convenient cabana space for your pool or spa, a covered play area for your children, a place for your pets to come in out of the rain or sun, or a beautiful entertaining area that will make you the talk of the town! If you have guests who smoke, this will provide them a place to step outside – rain or shine!

Decks Under Cover is available in 23 colors, including copper, and offers several finish styles. Your system can have a smooth finish, or an embossed finish that looks like wood grain.

Decks Under Cover is not a one-size-fits-all kit, but is custom crafted to fit the precise measurements of your deck. No two decks are created equal and we can handle them all. The panels can be run in any direction desired, and can be made to fit any deck, any shape, any size. Decks Under Cover is installed by professionally trained crews, and installation usually takes only 1-2 days. No heavy equipment is needed, so your landscaping is safe, and we clean up and haul away any debris.